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CASA is a cabling arrangement and support accessories company. We design and develop cabling arrangements and its support accessories as per the customer needs.

CASA supplies perforated and ladder type cable trays in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. The cable trays are available in Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG), Pre-Galvanized (GI) and Painted finish. As per the requirement, these trays are of different width, collar size and thickness. 

Accessories available for trays are horizontal bends, vertical bends, Tees, Cross, reducers and tray ends. Support system which include threaded rods, strut channel and arms are also available.

The hallmark of our design and development is “FLEXIBILITY”. It is at the core of our company values. FLEXIBILITY gives us the ability to deal with changes and enhances our product acceptability.

  • Complete range of cable trays is bolted type.
  • The bends are Flexi-All in one. Normal bends, long bends, oblong bends, 90°/60°/30° bends can be assembled at site.
  • The vertical inside and outside bends are interchangeable.
  •  Equal tees & cross, unequal tees and cross, uneven cross can be constructed at site.

Our products have unlimited flexibility and are suitable for self-assembly. This results in high quality and fast work.

We continue to work on the design and development of our products to make them simple and easy to assemble and erect.